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Luke Gaisford
Results to date
WAMX Championships 2007 - 2022
60 Rounds
49 podiums
170 Races
142 Top 3 finish
82 x 1st place

Australian National Moto's Pro
2008- 2018
58 Moto's
43 moto's in top 5
18 x 1st
23 x 2nd
4 x 3rd
2 x 4th
1 x 5th

International Moto's Pro
New Zealand, China, Netherlands
Germany Italy
23 Moto's
1 x 1st
2020 Event Reports
July 25 & 26
North West Australian Championship Round 1 Port Hedland
A Late start to the racing year due to the Covid-19 Pandemic.
We have missed the Gas Dash and Finke which I was really looking forward to this year.Since we put in the training for Gas Dash, we decided to look at what events where on and try and come up with some events to participate in, this included a  Ride park day at WJMC, AJS and Manjimup. Along with a few visits to Dirt Rider Heaven. Then we decided to make the long 1700km trip to Port Hedland for the first round of the North West Championship.
This event was over 2 days, 4 Moto's and then a feature race.
I was able to win all the Moto's and take away my first North West medals.
August 1 & 2
Pindan Dash Wickham
Another huge weekend at the 2020 Pindan Dash up at Wickham- Lucky enough to win all 3 races plus a 15min+1 lap Feature race.
Thanks heaps to the W.R.A.P.S. Motocross Club all their organisers for putting on a great event. Thankyou to Tony Case and Nicole for allowing us to stay at their home. In these covid-19 times thankyou to all my sponsors who have continued to support me in 2020. Reiger Racing Suspension Motul RK Racing Chain WestCoast Honda Husqvarna FLY Racing Australia SHOEI Helmets Australia Fasst Company Australia @JC Performance heads Lone Star Racing Hardiman Performance Imports Advanced Autologic PTY LTD 4Style Riders
August 23 Western Australian Motocross Championships Round 1
Luke Gaisford raced in his 55th WA State round (seniors)this past weekend,
finishing with a pair of seconds in race 1 & 3,  he suffered a flat front tyre in the 5 lap sprint race while battling for 1st, but slipped back to 4th and securing the 28 points and  2nd place overall was a good result considering.
Luke hadnt raced at the new Layout Lightweight MC circuit and always relishes riding new tracks, hence the recent trip to Port Hedland, Karratha and Wickham.
Luke stated " I had planned to attend all the North West Series events this season, but with the date clash for state and North west rounds I had to make a decision which round to attend so raced the WA State Champs, as it was just 30mins from home, it was awesome to see 17 Quads on the grid, and great to see the rookies doing so well !"
North West MX Championships

3400km round trip to the Finale (round 3) of the North West MX Championships  at Wickham.Western Australia.

4 x  5 lap races and a Feature race of 15min +1 lap
30+ degrees
Luke won all the moto's, and although having missed round 2 of the 3 round series as it was the same weekend as the WA MX Championships, he secured 4th overall.
Might not be a win, but it was also extremely gratifying to see the local North West Riders who did all 3 of the rounds so excited to fill the overall Championship podium.

It was awesome to be welcomed to the North West, and thanked for coming up to race and to being seen to put on a show, and also encouraging more Quad riders to participate in the North West Championships. Luke enjoyed the friendly atmosphere putting faces to names of riders he hadn't met and to take some time promoting products he uses, Motul oils, RK Chains, Reiger Suspension, Lonestar and Precision Steering Dampers, Fasstco Products & West Coast Motorcycles  along with his own 4TEEN Industries brand.

The North West association would've loved to see more dirt bike riders travel North, but due to the clash of dates with the WA MX series this probably affected
each series entries, hopefully in 2021 there wont be any date clashes to allow more riders to support both series.
Western Australia Motocross Championships
Back to where my racing  started back in 2003 as a Junior at Coastal Motorcycle Club. Hadnt been there for 18 months, and track changes were pretty awesome.

3 Races, all flat out on a track that deteriorated for most to survival mode, but we gave it our best shot, left nothing in the tank, with P2 P1 P2 with 2nd overall for the day.
Laptimes- happy with on comparison to the MX1 and MX2 across the day, was about 7th on average, and on a sand track thats pretty awesome.
October the 18th we raced in the King of the Sand at AJS MCC, their club have provided a track for Quads to race at for 30 years, so I pushed hard for other riders to attend, but these days many riders are intimidated by tracks like AJS, the overall entries were around 80. The day panned out well, the club put on a great event and I won the Quad class with 3 race wins.

October 24th 25th

Kalgoorlie Desert Race

Since Gas Dash and Finke were cancelled due to covid 19, this is the event we were all waiting for, it showed with 122 Moto riders turning up to Race the gruelling 375km Desert Race, there were 88 last year.

Prologued 6th  outright

Had a hectic lap 1 putting everything I had into staying with the top 10 riders, to maintain 6th

Lap 2 was in the afternoon and it was hot racing and after the buggies the track was treacherous, again 6th but only 15 seconds off 4th place

Lap 3 I was prepared to give it everything, The rider in 1st crashed hard early and was helicoptered out right in front of us, bit of a checkup for us all,

and then about 10km before the fuel stop my nerf bar broke, had to stop and do my best with cable ties to get to the fuel stop where we added some stronger cable ties to get the bike the last 50kms. I had to ride carrying most of my body weight on one side to not break the nerf bar off and this all cost me at least 5minutes and most likely a 4th outright, but that is motorsport and coming in 6th from 122 entries feels pretty good, but frustrating.

I won the quad class for the second year in a row.

We have 1 more event for 2020 and that is the Final round of the Western Australian MX Championships at Bunbury on November 8th
2020 – Luke Gaisford Results
Round 1 North West Championships Port Hedland 1st
Pindan Dash Wickham 1st
Round 1 WA MX State Championships Lightweight MCC 2nd
Round 3 North West Championships Wickham 1st
Round 2 WA MX Championships Coastal Park 2nd
King of the Sand – AJS MCC – 1st
Kalgoorlie Desert Race – 1st Quads (15 riders) Outright 6th (122 competitors Moto)
Round 3 WA MX Championships – Bunbury 2nd
Attended ride & training days at Manjimup, Bunbury AJS & WJMC and Dirt Riders Heaven
2020 was not the year that we envisaged, but we made a plan that included supporting all the events that included Quads that we could get to. We had an awesome time going to a few different tracks we had never been to before, and it was awesome to help increase  the rider numbers in the North West Championship class for Quads, and to give the communities a show.
The Kalgoorlie Desert Race has become my favourite event racing in the Open Moto Class against WA’s best Desert Riders, coming away with 6th outright and 1st in the Quad class.
The WA MX Championships was 3 rounds instead of 6 in 2020 due to Covid-19, I secured 2nd overall.
Luke Gaisford #14
Well the dust has finally settled on the first Desert Race of the Year.
The Gascoyne Dash is 410kms, a point to point desert race.
Carnarvon to Gascoyne junction 205kms on day 1 and back again to Carnarvon 205kms on day 2.
The Temperature was 38 / 100  degrees  both days and the race took out many motors and some riders.
Fortunately with the combo we are now running from Duncan Racing International, Inc. and JC Performance heads, and parts from WestCoast Honda, along with Motul and RK Chains we are now heading in the right direction  and taking this Desert racing to the next step, while the Reiger Racing Suspension is unbeatable and handles the desert like no other suspension.
This was our 5th Desert Race and racing and being competitive with the 2 wheelers drives me to do better and better.
Coming outright 6th at Kalgoorlie in 2019 and 2020 was a whole different ball game to the 2021 Gas Dash where a top 10 finish for a quad rider was an awesome result in such a huge field of riders.
We took 1st in the Quads (16 entries) and 9th outright (104 participants)
Next on the agenda is the Finke Desert Race on June 13th & 14th,
so it will be all hands on deck for my team over the next 8 weeks.
huge thankyou to Fasst Company Australia
2021 What a year ! 3 Desert Races - Two Quad Class Wins and two overall outright top 10 finish !
First off after almost 14 years I changed my job, working a nice Mon-Fri 8-5pm week, to a FIFO 9days on 5 days off hectic amount of hours job, and the motocross racing calendar seemed to fall every weekend I was at work.
So Scheduling races - We scheduled in the 3 Desert Races and trained to be the best we could with the limited time at home and making sure the bikes were always ready for training and racing.
April saw us head to Carnarvon for the Gascoyne Dash (2200km return drive) The Dash is a 400km Desert race, 200kms from Carnarvon to Gascoyne Junction, and then 200kms back to Carnarvon, with 3 fuel points for the team to manage, there was 104 Bikes with 14 Quads entered, it was 38 degrees which was not only difficult for the riders, but also the crews.
Outright results - Prologue 15th , Section 1 to Gascoyne - 9th, Section 2 to Carnarvon 8th Overall outright 9th.

June we made the trek to Alice Springs (7000kms return drive) for the Finke Desert Race. This was our second attempt at this race having DNF in 2019. There were 600 Bikes including 14 quads. Started well winning the Prologue in the Quad class and an awesome set of Method Race wheels for my car, unfortunately the race was over after only 50kms with an OEM part failure that still has everyone scratching their heads. The entire race was called with only half the event run

October - Kalgoorlie Desert Race which is pretty much where my work is based out of, so took time off mid shift for the race, while the Team transported the Gear the 1400km return drive. This year attracting almost double the entrants of 2020, where I came a creditable 6thOutright. With 200 Riders and 25 Quads entered for this year’s event, I knew I would really have my work cut out to go top 10 Outright this year. Race start is determined by prologue finish order on a shortened track, I came and started the race outright 9th.
The Kalgoorlie Desert Race is 3 laps each of 125kms, total 375kms. It is good because the Camping area doesn’t move. The fuel team races out to the mid way fuel point to refuel our bikes, its only about a 20 minute drive each way for them. Lap 1 I finished Outright in 10th, Lap 2- 8th and the final lap 3 in 7th. Awesome to take the win in the Quad Class for the third year in a row.
Overall out of all the bikes, quads and Cars/ buggies I finished 8th, I was very pleased, extremely exhausted and very sore, but apparently so was everyone else
So the move to Desert Racing in 2019 has seen us now with a total of 7 Desert Races - 5 Quad class wins, 4 outright top 10 and the Finke is our kryptonite, with 2 x dnf.
Will we race Finke Desert Race  in 2022 ??… I have the drive and sheer dedication & determination to go faster and well if I didn’t have to fund the $6000 each time in Fuel/ Accom/ Entries etc -  the decision would be heaps easier 12
Thankyou for all the support, sponsorship and help in 2021, looking forward to what 2022 will bring.
2022 Wow feel like Luke has been away from Motocross for years !
Well Motocross is always fun and Luke raced at the Ken Brierley memorial Motocross event earlier in the year at AJS Motorcycle club, what an emotional day, Ken has been in the sport longer than we have and he will be missed heaps.
Western Australia Motocross Championships- Round 3 WJMC Pinjar Park,May 15th -  Luke decided to run the 2005 TRX Desert bike at the event and finished 2nd 2nd 1st for overall 2nd on the day. Event was fun and good to catch up with the guys and check out how fast the young ones are who have been dominating the year. It will be good to see how much quicker they are next time we are able to get back to the track.
Thanks heaps to all our long term sponsors who year after year keep supporting Luke whether it be in Desert, State Championship, North West or whatever we do.
We hope to see you all at the track a little later in the year when work permits!
So here we are in 2022 Racing WA Motocross Championships, round 3,5 & 6, so for the season, we managed 4 x 1st and 5 x 2nd's, only having done 3 of the 6 rounds, and taking 8th overall with 300 points The final round was at Coastal Park, my local club, after heaps of rain the track was pretty heavy, but not too rough, so was a good day, coming away with 3 wins and the overaall for the day was awesome.Good to see a new face on the podium and carrying the number 1 plate into 2022 is youngster Joshua McQuade.
My current work situation is a little unpredictable at the moment but we are getting some racing in, we went to Jurien Bay last weekend and competed in the first round of the AMA Tri Series, there was 19 Quads on the grid, and we also suffered with storms and rain, and a heavy track. Came away with 2nd 2nd 1st and overall 2nd for the round. Round 2 will be at Noble Falls on August 13th.
2022 ATV MX Nationals
Colac - Victoria
Result 3rd Pro Class

So this was a little unexpected for 2022, spent a couple of months at Motocross and thought it would be fun to head to the Nationals in Victoria !
We didnt have any Desert races this year that I could attend, so one big trip it was !
Qualifying was up first Saturday morning and surprisingly right were we left off in 2018 in 2nd.
Super pole for the fastest 5 riders was next, and as the 5th 4th and 3rd riders put in their laps, it was easy to see they were all flying and putting in a heater trying to grab the extra points, anyways we gave it our best and went to the top, only to be outdone by the fastest Qualifier Chris Bosnakis.
Race 1 was a good way to start, clean through the first corner and held 2nd for the moto, Race 2 wasnt so lucky getting tangled in the first corner and flipping the quad, turned it back on its wheels and did my best to pass as many riders as I could, got back to 3rd, less than 2 secs behind 2nd, That was a moto that showed everyone who was watching every passing spot on the track !. Race 3 & 4 another pair of 2nds. Race 5 well it wasnt looking good on the parade lap, bike stopped twice, nothing much I could do but get on the gate and see how we went, half the moto down and the bike stopped, Electrical problem, my first ever Mechanical DNF at an MX Nationals in 20 years.
Still managed to get equal second overall, but 3rd on a count back. The WA Riders and team made the event a special one to remember with our own team celebrations at a restaurant in Colac Sunday night, lots of stories, memories and fun had by all.
Next year will be in Darwin NT, and although it would be awesome to go back to Darwin to race again, it will be a wait and see while I knuckle down and finish my second trade in 2023.
See you all out for a ride !